How to prepare for IITJEE Main and Advance

If you are really serious to join IIT colleges in the next couple of years, then please pay attention to this remarkable IITJEE preparation guide. It will not only guide you how to make yourself ready for the next 2 years for the exam, but it will also instill the faith in you that yes, “you can do it”. Let me start it with a little glimpse about IITs, they are matchless as far as their brand value, resource, facilities, alumni network and placements are concern with all the other Engineering Colleges in India.

IITJEE preparation is in itself such a rewarding  for a student to do; it not only helps you to pass the exam but also builds the strong foundation of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, which may be used in future to score better grades in Engineering College, Higher Studies or Interviews for high paying jobs.

Let me now elaborate further on the different aspects of successfully competing IITJEE. There are as many as 10 sections which you need to understand deeply and have to work upon it.

1. Time Management – You must consider time as the most

precious commodity, which you don’t have enough, you should

understand it sooner than later that nothing is as precious as time,

so spend it wisely.

                            Without managing it well, nothing in this world

help you to  get you to the top of the summit. Remember,

“There is no substitute of hard work, however, in case of IITJEE

working hard alone would not be enough, you need to work

smarter too. Managing your time well should be on the top of

the “To Do” list during the years of preparation.



Below are the few key points you should remember to manage your time


A. Make a list of tasks and complete the most important task first, once you complete your important task first, you will feel great and will find lot of energy and motivation to complete the entire task in the list.

B. Avoid anything which waste your time, be it friends or family, just get your message across that you are preparing for IITJEE and surely they will understand and support your goal. However, even then if someone tries to distract you from the studies, politely say No to him or her.

C. Procrastination is your worst enemy during the IITJEE preparation; you should always try to improve on daily basis, no matter how small that improvement is.

D. Important tasks such as topic revision, revising important formulae and concepts in the morning, particularly those you have studied the previous day. Turn such tasks into habit, if you do it on regularly basis, say for at least 20 odd days it will automatically become habit.

E. Set time based goal, suppose you need an hour to finish a particular topic, then do set an hour for that topic, if you allocate more than that, brain will respond accordingly and will take more time than it should suppose to take. So the time you allocate should be rational and your brain would pick that topic in that stipulated time.