Myths of IIT-JEE/NEET Preparation

Myth# 1 Buying books with titles such as “Crack IIT-JEE or NEET in 90 Days” will help to crack IIT-JEE or NEET. Really!!! Books with such fancy titles are nothing but to make quick money for the publishers and confuse the aspirants.  These books lack in fundamental explanation of the theory and provide no substance for the readers.

Myth# 2 Studying more than 12 hours ensures the result, well this cannot be further from the truth, our brain requires frequent rests between study sessions, so by studying more than 12 hours, our brain doesn't get the proper rest. A disciplined study of 4 to 8 hours is good enough to crack IIT-JEE(Main & Advanced) and NEET exams, but, the study must be regular and all the topics must be properly revised at least once.

Myth# 3 Referring as many books as possible is sure shot to successfully compete IITJEE/NEET, however, the truth is that one should not read the every book available but one or two standard books which are sufficient for the preparation, as more books create more confusion, such preparation requires more and more practice rather than wasting precious time in browsing the clutter of useless material.

                                                                                             "Stay Tuned, more myths to be busted"...