Mathematics was the toughest paper in the last year JEE Advanced exam, Physics Paper II was tougher than Paper I and Paper I was more or less of the same pattern as JEE Advanced 2015. Last Year Mathematics papers were entirely based on logic and were time taking, experts from all over the place had the same view and their opinion was that who have not did the quizzes and speed tests would have had the difficult time solving them.




Physics was the easiest section in the last year JEE Advanced, questions were based directly on Class XI and XII and topics like Mechanics, Motion, Wave Optics and SHM were carrying more questions in both papers. Most of the experts were saying that Physics would be the deciding factor as other two subjects were tough.

In depth analysis of Physics papers are given below:



Last year chemistry section was moderate, there were direct conversions of reactions in organic chemistry along with nomenclature and IUPAC were asked. The syllabus of class XII was more covered in both the papers as mainly questions were directly from NCERT and other ISC course books.

In depth analysis of chemistry papers are given below:



With that being said, the above analyses are only for a rough sketch of how the topics are distributed across the papers. The actual preparation is all about dedication with great discipline and hard work.

We wish you a very best of luck in your IIT JEE Advanced 2017 preparation.



JEE Advanced 2016 – In Depth Analysis

JEE Advanced 2017 examination date is 21st May 2017, the day is Sunday as usual. IIT Madras is conducting the advanced paper this year and their official website for this particular exam is Eligible candidates can register on this portal from 10:00 am of 28th April 2017 to 5:00 pm of 2nd May 2017. Registration with late fine will be done after 5:00 pm 2nd May 2017 to 5:00 pm of 4th May 2017.

To achieve something great, one must peek into the past for some valuable guidance, because we know, “History tends to repeat itself”. So, by analyzing the previous year paper, we may get some insight into this year’s JEE Advanced paper.

It is a good idea to analyze last year paper and study according to the weight given to a particular chapters and topics in the previous exam. As we all know JEE Advanced consists of 2 papers, Paper I and Paper II, JEE Advanced 2016 papers were set by IIT Guwahati and was little tougher than the previous year’s papers. After the exam, papers were discussed with candidates and in their views the Mathematics paper was quite tough, Physics and Chemistry were moderate in comparison with Mathematics but no way were easy on their own.

Here we have given a detailed analysis of both the Papers of all the subjects:

Papers and Marks Distribution