Important Tips for Studying Effectively

Tip # 1 --> Socialize less, no long duration phone calls; it should be less than

half an hour per day. Don’t get into argument or debate with your siblings or

relatives and friends, you will get nothing but lose your precious time and

valuable energy. Try to be more self centered, being selfish is not a bad idea

during your preparation phase.


                                                                            Tip # 2 --> No TV/Internet/Computer Games, if you really need them badly to                                                                              relax then it should not be more than 1 hour per day. As we all have already                                                                                    observed that internet is big time sucker, so avoid unnecessary surfing. Avoid                                                                                  sitting on computer for more than 1 hour unless you need it to research on                                                                                        particular topic or subject.

Tip # 3 --> Avoid outdoor sports, such sports are physically very demanding

and make you tired, you cannot afford to be very tired during exam preparation.

Try evening or morning walk or light exercises instead of those sports which

make you tired.


                                                                              Tip # 4 --> Late night study should be avoided unless it is required, if you                                                                                     don’t sleep well in night, laziness will creep in during daytime. You may miss                                                                                 important points in school classes or coaching classes. If in day time you are not                                                                             getting conducive environment for studies, then study till 2:00 AM and get up at                                                                             9:00 AM.





Tip # 5 --> Target a sound sleep of 7-8 hours every day, without proper sleep

you mind cannot function optimally. Daytime nap is important but it should not

be more than one and a half hour.