Director’s Message


Dear Student,


Greetings from Infinity Vision!


As a student it is hard to know what one wants to study, let alone what career to pursue. With thousands of colleges nationwide, how does a student decide where to apply. Ultimately it is you who guide yourself onto paths that are profitable for you, keeping in view your interests and skills. You are your own teacher, philosopher and guide. You are the captain of your soul and mater of destiny. Your inspiration comes from within.               

If you have decided to be an Engineer, a Doctor, a Scientist or a Mathematician you would want to acquire your education from the topmost institutions of learning. Infinity Vision provides you the right path to realize your dreams. At Infinity Vision you become part of an engaged academic community of learners and teachers.


The syllabus and questions asked in the competitive examinations appear to be difficult and complex. But persistence and timely preparation for even the toughest of exams make success achievable. We believe in achieving the short goals first. And then step by step we support you to conquer salvo of short goals which integrate these achievements to your ultimate goal. At Infinity Vision, we provide the platform for you to develop right attitude, sincerity, and right understanding of subjects which is essential to excel in examinations. We have a dedicated team of competent faculty members who would be accessible to you throughout your preparation. Our faculty members not only help you develop understanding of basic concepts but their faith and their lovingness will help you reach the pinnacle of learning. Your success is their success. 

Take advantage of all we offer, attend lectures, test, and discussions, ask questions, explore different facets of learning, open your mind, heart and eyes to new experiences and realize your dreams.


We would be proud to have you as a member of our family, Infinity Vision.


Best of Luck to all.

Ajay Kumar Singh

Founder and Director

Infinity Vision & VisionIAS